5-pack Dual-purpose liners/wipes



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375 (5 packs that each contain 75 liners/wipes)

5-pack biodegradable dual-purpose nappy (diaper) liners/wipes


We don’t just provide you with an amazing one-size-fits-all cloth nappy (diaper). Our range of high quality accessories take baby care to a new level.


Our 5-pack option consists of 100% silky-soft corn fibre nappy liners come in five packs of convenient pull-packs of 75 and are an exact fit for the nappy – no need to fold. Place a liner on top of soaker pad to catch solid waste.


nuababy liners double as wipes. Simply spray with water and wipe baby’s face, hands, bottom, or anywhere else that needs a touch-up!


nuababy wipes easily biodegrade following disposal.

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