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Does Cloth Make More Work?

No! In a word!

I have four kids and our house is full of people all the time, this means that laundry is a very common occurrence in my house.  In fact when we built our own house nearly 4 years ago, we built a dedicated laundry room and every woman that walks into the house falls in love with it!

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How Many Nappies Do I Need?

How many nappies do I need? Isn’t that the question nearly every newbie asks as they set out on their cloth journey? How many do I need? And the answer isn’t simple and it is individual.

When I started on my cloth journey nearly 12 years ago (before nuababy was a twinkle in anyone’s eye!) I bought 20 nappies. That meant I had to wash every 2.5-3 days.

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Beannachtaí na féile pádraig

This St Patrick's weekend we have a very special offer: buy one nappy and get another half price. Paddy's Weekend Special.

We have been working on our design that was birthed deep in the beautiful hills of County Cork and we believe it is the best designed Irish nappy out there! 

If you have been wanting to try out our nappy this is a great offer, sure you'd only be mad not to try it. Choose from cotton tail, green tweet or autumn trees and see what the ingenuity of the Irish can add to your nappy collection. 

... This offer is now over but keep an eye on the site for more great deals!

Washing my Nappies

How often you need to wash your nappies depends on how many nappies you have in your stash. When I started washing my cloth nappies, nearly 12 years ago, I had twenty cotton nappies in my rotation and they took nearly two days to dry.  So I had to wash every two and half days. But now my nuababy nappies dry in a matter of hours and certainly by overnight. The soaker pads are dry so quickly when I hang them on my Ikea washing octopus.

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nuababy - the eco-friendly option

The frightening statistics are that disposable nappies are the third largest consumer item in landfills making up about 4% of all solid waste. Disposable nappies create huge headaches for local councils and the national government in Ireland and the U.K, with more than 1.5 million disposable nappies going into landfills every day in Ireland and 8 million in the U.K. The estimated decomposition time for a single nappy is 500+ years.

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Real Diaper Association – Diaper Facts

Real cloth diaper facts. No drama, no spin. Just reliable studies on cloth diapers and the implications for your baby. 


Why choose cloth diapers?

Cloth diapers are soft against your baby’s skin. Cloth diapers are also free of the many chemicals contained in disposable diapers. Our common sense tells us that cloth diapers are the ultimate in recycling because they are used again and again, not entering a landfill until they are nothing but rags. Of course, most of us want more than just a common-sense approach. We want facts. Here are a few well-documented facts to help inform your choice.

  • Cloth diapers and the environment
  • Cloth diapers, dryness, and diaper rash
  • Cloth vs disposable diapers: cost
  • Diapers and health

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Bowlegs is a condition in which the knees stay wide apart when a person stands with the feet and ankles together. It is considered normal in children under 18 months.

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Chemicals in disposable nappies

From, April 2011

Disposable diapers seem to be a necessity in today’s lifestyle of convenience and temporary items. Though they are commonly used, synthetic, single-use diapers often contain chemicals linked to long-term health conditions. A study published in the Archives of Environmental Health (1999) states that disposable diapers should be considered to be a factor that may cause or worsen childhood asthma and respiratory problems. The soft, sensitive skin of babies is also prone to rashes and allergic reactions due to the chemicals in disposable diapers.

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