Does Cloth Make More Work?


No! In a word!

I have four kids and our house is full of people all the time, this means that laundry is a very common occurrence in my house.  In fact when we built our own house nearly 4 years ago, we built a dedicated laundry room and every woman that walks into the house falls in love with it!

So you might be confused as to why I am adding more work for myself by using cloth nappies? I have watched people who use disposables and they also have to change their baby’s soiled nappy and put a clean one on. They usually bag up the nappy and then if they are a visitor in my house ask if they may put it in my outside bin, so they walk to the outside bin.

What’s my routine you might ask? I also change my baby’s soiled nappy and put on a clean one. I pop my used nappy in a wet bag or a laundry bag and when I have a washing machine load ready, I pop them in the machine. The machine does all the cleaning and when I come back to it I hang them out. When they are dry they (hopefully!) get put away beside the changing unit. Can you see I only have one extra step than someone who uses disposables? So when I weigh up my financial savings plus the environmental impact, the only extra work (which is hanging up the washed laundry and then putting it away) is more than worth it. A small investment of my time makes such a big impact on my pocket and on the world!

Another point to ponder is that nuababy nappies with their unique patent-pending double gusset and leg adjustment means there are less poo-splosives or other leaks. And finally most babies who use cloth nappies are toilet trained up to a year before their peers who use disposable nappies. Potentially a year less nappy changes would significantly reduce a parent’s work load! What they don’t warn you about it that you will miss cloth when your baby trains; another bittersweet milestone in the life of a parent.

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