产品用法 Best use of your nuababy products

尿裤的最佳使用方法 nuababy is flexible for you and your baby’s needs


日常使用 Daily use


夜间/出行使用 Overnight/travel use


入厕训练使用 Trainer use


 准备工作 Preparation


For maximum absorbency, wash and dry soakers and boosters 3-5 times before first use. Refer to caring for nuababy products.


1. 可生物降解的尿裤垫巾/擦拭巾 Dual-purpose liners/wipes

  • 纽爱宝贝垫巾可直接垫在尿片上,以隔开宝宝的排泄物。
  • 同时,纽爱宝贝垫巾也可用作擦拭巾。喷上水就能擦洗宝宝的脸蛋、手和屁屁及其它需要清洁的部位。
  • nuababy liners are an exact fit for the nappy – no need to fold. Place a liner on top of soaker pad to catch solid waste.
  • nuababy liners double as wipes. Simply spray with water and wipe baby’s face, hands, bottom, or anywhere else that needs a touch-up!

2. 尿片可重叠用Overlapping soaker set*

  • 纽爱宝贝尿布套的口袋两端都有开口,尿片垫进去很方便,您也可以垫在尿布套上,都由宝宝的需要决定。
  • 新生儿可用小号,随着宝宝长大换用大号,较大的宝宝可以大小号联用。“可保持干燥”的柔软外层面料让宝宝感到干爽,底层的吸水面料则吸入水分。
  • 大小尿片联用时,尿片窄端放在两侧的里层松紧带之间,用按扣固定在尿布套上。
  • 轻轻拉动尿裤来适应宝宝的大小,让两条尿片都调整到最佳位置
  • nuababy nappy (diaper) shell pocket has openings on both ends for easy insertion of soaker pads; OR you can place soakers on top of the nappy shell, based on your baby’s needs.
  • Use small soaker for newborn, large as baby grows, and both soakers overlapped for older babies. The soft ‘stay-dry’ top layer draws moisture away from baby’s skin and into the absorbent layers below.
  • Place narrow ends between inner elastic gussets and snap onto nappy shell.
  • To adjust overlap for larger babies, gently slide nappy up to fit baby and the soakers will slide into place.

3. 超强吸水的增强垫/训练垫 Booster/trainer pad

  • 夜里、出行或宝宝尿量较大时可加垫在口袋里(在尿片下);或是固定在尿裤口袋外,用作幼儿的如厕训练垫。
  • 增强垫外层采用摇粒绒面料,让幼儿排便后立即产生轻微的潮湿感,从而有助于如厕训练。
  • Place inside nappy (diaper) pocket (under soaker pad) for nighttime, travel, or heavy wetters; OR snap on top of pocket for toddlers as a training soaker.
  • Boosters have a fleecy top layer, giving your toddler a slight sensation of dampness immediately after wetting, to assist in toilet training.

4. 柔软内衬 Nappy (diaper) shell lining

  • 双边松紧带和拉绳:通过调节左右两侧的拉绳,新生儿到3岁以上的宝宝都可使用 。 在尿片/增强垫用按扣固定之前, 确保拉绳已放置在尿片/增强垫下方。
  •  “可保持干燥”的柔软内衬让宝宝皮肤干爽,其尿液则很快自然地吸入面料底层。
  • Elasticised double gusset and drawstring*: To modify size from newborn to 3+ years, adjust both left and right drawstrings.
  • Soft ‘stay-dry’ lining draws moisture away from baby’s skin and into the absorbent layers below.

5. 尿布套 Nappy (diaper) shell

防水透气的 TPU

Waterproof, breathable TPU


Ensure the nappy (diaper) fits snugly to avoid leakage. There should be no evidence of marking on your baby’s skin around the leg area; the nappy (diaper) should fit snugly, but not too tightly.

*已经获得专利 * Patent pending


尿裤的最佳使用方法 nappy product product use video

涤程序 Laundry routine

一条换洗袋放在洗衣机边,另一条备用。洗涤后,将干净尿片固定在尿裤上再存放待用,并配备一盒纽爱宝贝垫巾/擦拭巾与换洗衣物以备出现泼洒或意外情况。准备妥当后,不管是您、保姆还是奶奶或姥姥, 任何人都能方便地使用布尿裤!

Keep one laundry bag by the washing machine and another spare. Snap clean soakers onto nappy shells after laundering and store in a bag ready for use, along with a pack of nuababy liners/wipes and a change of clothes in case of spills or accidents. Once you have prepared your nappy routine, cloth nappies are easy for anyone to use, be it you, your babysitter, or Grandma!

使用尿布霜 Use of nappy (diaper) creams

    • 如果您使用尿布霜,市面上有几种适合布尿裤的植物尿布霜,也很环保。与一些油性更重的膏霜相比,这些尿布霜不是很油腻,容易清除。切勿使用含有石油、鱼油或锌的尿布霜,它们会影响尿裤的吸水性。
    • 即使尿布霜宣称“不影响布尿裤的使用”,仍然要用一条纽爱宝贝垫巾来保护您的尿裤。尿布霜可导致尿裤排斥液体,影响其功能。
    • 如果您不慎将尿布霜抹在了尿裤上,只需在污渍处倒一些优质洗洁精并照常清洗即可。可用硬毛刷擦洗污渍,然后洗净尿裤,并注意彻底清除泡沫。
  • If you use nappy creams, there are several plant-based cloth-friendly eco versions on the market, which are less greasy and easier to remove than heavier ointments. Do not use nappy creams containing petroleum, fish oil or zinc, as they will affect the nappy’s absorbency.
  • Even if a cream claims to be cloth nappy safe, still protect your nappy with a nuababy liner. Nappy creams cause nappies to repel liquid, impairing their function.
  • If you mistakenly get nappy cream on a nappy, try washing the nappy as usual and then apply some dishwashing liquid onto the affected area. Scrub the affected area with a bristle brush, then wash the nappy well to ensure that all of the suds are removed.

尿裤换洗 Nappy (diaper) changing

  • 如果尿裤没有沾上便溺,解下脏尿片换上干净尿片即可。
  • 如果尿裤沾上了便溺,洗涤时最好先从尿裤里取出垫巾和尿片。
  • 脏尿裤应放在纽爱宝贝的干换洗袋或是有盖的桶里。
  • 洗涤换洗袋前,为确保清洗彻底,请翻出内衬层。


  • If the outer shell is dry after use, unsnap the soiled soaker pads and snap on fresh ones.
  • If the outer shell is wet, remove the liner and soakers from the nappy shell in preparation for washing.
  • Soiled nappies should be stored in a dry laundry bag or in a bucket with a lid.
  • Before washing the laundry bag and wet bag, leave zip open to ensure thorough cleaning.



Solids from exclusively breastfed babies are 100% organic and will dissolve in the wash.


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